Why all those cutesy pics in my feed aren’t going to stop (it’ll be ok, I promise)

Toni Aguirre showing how excited she gets for sushi

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This post on Medium, The Hungry Games, was a great read… at least for me. Long story short (but you should go read it to really have the context) is that a guy started taking pics of his girlfriend / now wife and it became a thing for them.

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Given the changes in my life over the last year that we all know about and don’t discuss for fear of sounding gossipy… this struck home with me:

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“Keeping a marriage unlame as years melt into decades raises the question: How do you keep noticing your partner—truly noticing, truly inhaling—once you’ve been together for a long time and the initial intoxication has faded? Contained in our cross-decade collection of eating photos, I think, lurks a clue that might be useful even to individuals less odd than ourselves.

It’s simply this: You must become an intrepid explorer in the mundane corners of your own life.”

So when I post a pic with Toni and get comments like, “What are you, 13?” I absolutely love it.

Bill Watt and Toni Aguirre at the top of the 40th Street trailhead
Bill Watt and Toni Aguirre at the top of the 40th Street trailhead

I’m going to keep exploring and noticing her in all the various walks of life. And you’ll get some of that in the pics I post. 🙂