Taylor Swift’s new video…

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

I have a hurt part of my soul from when I watched Sucker Punch. I was so excited for that movie and it really, really did me wrong.

My favorite review of that movie can be found on the New York Times and here is one of the best quotes / opening paragraphs I’ve ever read:

You could go to see “Sucker Punch” this weekend — a lot of people probably will, and a few may even admit as much back at the office on Monday — or you could try to make it yourself, which might be more fun, though not necessarily cheaper. Here’s what you will need: a bunch of video-game platforms; DVDs of “Shutter Island,” “Kill Bill,” “Burlesque” and “Shrek”; some back issues of Maxim; a large bag of crystal meth; and around $100 million. Your imagination will take care of the rest.

Also- this movieline list of the top 9 most scathing reviews of Sucker Punch is pretty great.

Anyway- I wish that Taylor and team had been given the money used for Sucker Punch and allowed to turn this video into a full length movie. Would it be good? Who cares. Would it be better than Sucker Punch? Yup. Would my soul be less damaged? Absolutely.

And if you really want to read more about this… some extra background from Entertainment Weekly.