The start of Bill Watt 2.0

BIll Watt

Welcome to the start of the Bill Watt 2.0 blog

… same as the old blog! OK, hopefully this will get a lot more love. 🙂

As with all personal blogs, Bill Watt 2.0 is all my own and meant to capture the stuff I want to riff on in a more public forum and without all the lostness of throwing something into Facebook.

I plan to use this site to share the new beginning and more active life I hope to lead so you can expect to see more hiking, meals with friends, travel, books and articles I’m reading, links to projects my friends are working on, and thoughts about work and life. Bill Watt 2.0 is the record I want to be able to hand my nephews at some point in the future and say, “See… life can be fun! Go do what you want!”

When I’m not online you can generally find me having dinners with my friends, hanging with my awesome girlfriend (Toni), and if I’m really lucky I’ll be spending sunny afternoons with my horse friend, Partner. I have been posting the history of all this and more over on Facebook but have been thinking I need a place that is all mine and not at the whim of some company who still refuses to give me a decent way to search my own history. (Sorry to my friends there… I know I’m a broken record.)

Connect with me!

You may know me from GoDaddy where I run Product Management for the Hosting Business Unit and split my time between Sunnyvale, CA and Scottsdale, AZ, Current TV in San Francisco, eBay in San Jose, or even as far back as FairMarket in my Boston days. Could be you know me from Gordon College or even from my childhood in Canton, Ohio. If you’re interested you can always reach me at bill at billwatt dot org or call me 408.476.9174. I’m also somewhat active on Facebook, Twitter, and available on LinkedIn so connect with me there if you prefer! I also have an that is updated approximately never.

Bill Watt
BIll Watt