So, I’m leaving GoDaddy… and a song of the day

before then buy cialis without prescription It’s been an awesome 2+ years but this afternoon I told my team that I’ll be leaving GoDaddy at the end of June / beginning of July.

click Honestly, I could have stayed here 5 years and been really, really happy. The people have been great, I love my team and the extended team in Hosting, and we freaking crank on work. I’m very proud of what we’ve done and that we have the roadmap built to surprise and delight our customers.

viagra generico 200 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Verona On top of that, it’s been great to be part of the turnaround of an internet brand. When I joined friends would “ask” me, “So I guess you think that their advertising is ok?” It was fun to respond with links to our new ads and get people to see that we could still be funny without being gross:

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follow site And this from our India marketing…


follow site Of course now we’re spreading the word about the actual vision:

But every now and again a challenging opportunity comes along and you need to take it. I’ll share more about that at after I start.

I’ll wrap this update with one of my favorite songs, “Life is a Highway” because any time I’m kicking a bunch of change into gear this song becomes my go to listen. And no, not the Rascal Flatts version… Tom Cochrane FTW!

I’ll see you soon, California!