Remembering Partner

I just heard that Partner passed today.

I will always remember him with love as the better half of our friendship. He drove me to be a better rider, was never happier than when allowed to “go” and never understood why I wanted him to slow when going downhill.

The memories I hold dear are too numerous to list but here are a few:

  • Stealing carrots from my back pocket (the only time he wanted to walk behind me instead of next to me)
  • Going to the beach the first time. I gave him a kiss and he went chest deep in the waves while other horses freaked out.
  • Going on the hard ride around the back of the ranch and up above where the hang gliders start and realizing he would always want to go, even when the go was a crazy hill up (felt like 90 degrees to me)
  • The time we did the poles and he did flying lead changes perfectly. Considering what a bad rider I am it was all him and it was amazing.
  • The time I was trying to lunge him and he didn’t see the point of running in a circle (I totally understand that exercise sucks) so he stopped and parked out because he knew I loved that

But of course, watching him roll after a bath was the very definition of bliss that I hope to attain in my life.

Partner and Bill at the Beach May 1, 2016
Partner and Bill at the Beach May 1, 2016

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