OneGordon’s “It gets better” video

It Gets Better

Funny thing… when I went to Gordon there was so much judgement. Mostly it was that you had to be Protestant to be Christian and Catholic, Greek Orthodox and even Episcopal were somewhat suspect. And boy… my being a Calvinist was pretty borderline for most people there. 😉 There were stories of professors changing denominations and being forced out.
And homosexuality. Oy. I was so sure when I was 18 that I knew the right and wrong of this.
Well, my almost 45 year old self wishes it could go back and talk to my 18 year old self and, apart from some awesome stock and career advice, I think we’d mostly talk about this. Why was I so judgemental? Why did I care even one bit?
So many people I love these days are gay and I know 18 year old Bill would have loved them too. For me it is the difference of being on an island and talking about topics vs actually living in the world and meeting the people. I just have a hard time believing that God wouldn’t love these people.
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