My definition of an awesome Saturday morning… horseback riding at the beach Toni Aguirre and Bill Watt on a beach ride at Salinas River State Beach One of the things that worked out perfectly for this weekend in CA was a horseback ride at the Salinas River Beach. I got to see Partner after way too much time (don’t we work to live not live to work? 😉 ) and Toni got to experience the awesomeness that is a ride at the beach in beautiful weather.

Toni Aguirre horseback riding on the beach
Toni Aguirre horseback riding on the beach Partner loves the beach and is pretty fearless about the waves so we got to play in the sand and the surf. The beach is usually pretty clear of people but today there was a group of folks surfing and their friends / family so we we an interesting distraction for them as we rode past.

viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Parma We also saw a bunch of wild life including what I assume was a very young sea lion who was interested in what we were doing but wanted to keep close enough to the water that he could make a clean getaway if needed.

Toni Aguirre gets meets a seal lion
Toni Aguirre gets meets a seal lion

click here I think it was good for Toni to see my in my happy place and to confirm that I actually have a non-stressed side. 😉 All in all, not bad for March in California!

Toni and Bill enjoying a ride along the beach
Toni and Bill