Just apply already…

Love this post on Medium: “Seeking Happy” and while there is much in there that doesn’t meet my personal experience being a white dude in Silicon Valley (kind of the point of the article) I especially liked this quote:

During my lunch break, I looked at the Slack jobs page, found the role that best fit my skillset and experience, and proceeded to spend 20 minutes freaking out about applying for it. I was certain I could do the job, well even, but I didn’t have all the qualifications. Then I remembered some study about women not applying for jobs if they didn’t have all the qualifications while men weren’t bothered by such trivialities and decided to just fucking do it already, Erica. 10 minutes before my lunch break ended, I applied. The worst they could say was no.

The number of times I speak to people about interviewing for their dream job and they spend their time talking themselves out of applying because they don’t have everything on the checklist is mind boggling. If you’re interested, apply. The worst they can do is say no. A good outcome is that they’re interested in you for that job. The best outcome is they say, “Hey, we have something else that might be more awesome for you!”

In fact, most times I tell people that the job they want probably isn’t even posted. Network like crazy, find people to talk to, meet as many folks in as many companies as possible.

And above all else… seek happiness.