Honor and character in nightly news… and everywhere else

Jay Rosen on Brian Williams

I like Jay Rosen’s short piece on the Brian Williams problem (you should read the whole piece, I won’t do it justice):

1. Williams didn’t care if what he was saying about his experiences in Iraq was true.

2. Williams dishonored the courage and sacrifice of NBC war correspondents.

3. Williams doesn’t believe that anchoring the news is a big enough job for him.

These are character issues.

Reading the business press I’ve become somewhat numb to the “whatever’s good for me is good” (read about Uber or Radium or any number of other examples) or however you want to paraphase this so it is nice to see someone making a case about character, trustworthiness, and honor.

I’d kind of forgotten that we can and should expect character from people reporting the news and that I should extend that and expect the same from those in other positions of leadership.