Hiking the 40th Street Trailhead in Phoenix

Guy with some dogs hiking the 40th Street Trailhead 2015-03-08 11.06.54

Was finally feeling good enough to go out and get some Sun so we headed off to the 40th Street Trailhead, a relatively easy trail we’ve done before. Yeah, I was wheezing like an old goat and still didn’t have need the stamina I was hoping but it was great getting out and getting in some exercise. I expect I’ll sleep well tonight!

Here are some pics from the hike.

One thing I loved was the horse properties along the road. Many of the homes had beautiful, horse-themed artwork outside. I thought about grabbing a couple more pics but I was ready for lunch by the time we wrapped up the hike. Next time! For now, here is one gate as an example.

2015-03-08 09.50.59


And as a parting gift from nature, we ran into a sidewinder on the way out of the trail. We were on the less traveled path and were chatting as we went along. Then this brown patch of earth started moving away from us. As if my heart hadn’t seen enough of a work out!