Hiking Dreamy Draw Park in Phoenix March 21 and 22

2015-03-22 11.03.35

What a great weekend. Got in two great 5 mile hikes at Dreamy Draw / Squaw Peak between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was with Toni and Sunday was by myself.

It was about 2 hours each day which gave Toni and I a good chance to chat at the start of the weekend and for my solo day I worked my way through a couple more hours of Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. I loved that one of the characters referenced galactic empires and specifically mentioned Trantor and the Mule from the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov.


2015-03-21 10.58.21

Here’s a collection of pics from both hikes. It was a warm day but we did  good job keeping pace. We also did a better job of being prepared with water and power bars… almost like we knew what we were doing. ;-

I also took a few pics of the emerging wildlife. Spring in the desert is very pretty.

3/21’s stats:

2015-03-22 12.56.56



3/22’s stats:


2015-03-22 12.56.43