Had a great day at the ball park… and Fuel’s Bad Day

The gang at Spring Training in Scottsdale. Giants won... poor Royals. (No one put any effort in on the field)

Had an awesome day yesterday. Got into work by 7, cranked on some stuff and ran my weekly PO call. After this it was time to head to the Hosting EAI (Employee Appreciation Incentive) which was a day out to see the SF Giants in Spring Training. Pretty awesome to have all these Spring Training parks in our area. It was a gorgeous day, 84 and clear skies.

One last cool moment was pulling into the AZ house and seeing a hot air balloon landing (or some stage of testing) on the golf course at the end of the street.


The this song came up on rotation. Hadn’t heard it in forever but I’ve always liked it. Nice to have it come up in stark contrast to the awesome day I had. 🙂