Flying East, unplugging more, and learning to say Yes! more

Taking off from SFO

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What a great morning to get away! Was in California for the weekend and now heading East through Saturday. Will hit New York and then Boston and hoping to catch up with some friends and see this weather thing people keep talking about.

Taking off from SFO
Taking off from SFO

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My goal is to crank on a bunch of work during this flight, then play tonight through Thursday, work from Boston on Friday and then chill on the weekend.

I think the key to my sanity going forward is going to be unplugging better. Work is stressful enough and during the week it is nearly impossible to get time without the compulsion to not look at the screen but dinners with Toni and the boys dinners are starting to be more about turning the devices face down but I’m still having a hard time sleeping. A couple weeks ago I disabled email starting on Sat AM through Sunday night and it was glorious. Adding an out of office responder so people could still get me if they needed meant I felt less guilty and by the end… no guilt at all.

And on the saying yes front… a lot of Bill Watt 2.0 is about just saying “Yes!” to new things. It’s so comfortable doing the same old same old, especially since I spent so much time building a nice, comfy life. I was letting fear / worry get in the way too much.

For instance, this weekend I was worried about the beach ride. Not that I haven’t done it a bunch of times and I LOVE spending time with Partner and I really love that Toni is onboard with spending more time outside and with the horses specifically. So, what fear / worry? Just getting out of the comfort zone mainly. It’s been months since I rode and what if I’ve forgotten everything or Partner is too much or… or… or… Everyone knows I slide into that comfort zone easily in my personal life even while pushing for constant change at work. I think I like a safe personal life to support a constantly changing work life.

So how did it manifest? When I heard that it was just Toni and I are on the ride, I started questioning if it was worth the time for the ranch to trailer the horses an hour South to the beach. When I felt the worry rising I had to sit with it for a bit and talk myself into not pinging the ranch and asking, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I give people outs too often so i don’t inconvenience them but then I miss out on experiences.

I’ve been thinking about how I need to just let it go, embrace new experiences (lord, there have been so many opportunities recently) and grow. I was talking with a friend today who is a beekeeper in one of his off time jobs and he was telling me about a swarm removal he did yesterday. My response was, “Awesome! I need to go with you some day. I’m sure it would freak the heck out of me but would be super interesting!” I need to do these things.

So, not this time. I let it go and we had an amazing time.

Toni and Bill enjoying a ride along the beach
Toni and Bill

Maybe this is one more way I can be like my doppelganger, Jim Carrey. Come on… you can imagine it! 😉

Jim Carrey Yes Man 2008 poster
Jim Carrey Yes Man 2008 poster

Anyway… this trip East is the same. Makes no sense money and, to Work Bill’s mind, time wise. And yet, here I go.

I will play in NYC and have a once in a lifetime experience for the 2nd time 🙂 , I will play with some work peeps for 2 days, then I will head to Boston and catch up with some more awesome folks. I will avoid work email for the bulk of that time and I will trust my people in AZ and CA (and in one special case, Denver) to kick ass. And I will get in runs and amazing meals. And I will laugh. And I will sleep. Oh lord, how I will sleep. 😉

A big thanks to the team back home making it so I can get away and to Toni for being as awesome as she can about me being out and about!

More pics and details of the playing coming soon.