The Faces – Ooh La La (thinking of my Grandfather)

An awesome day golfing with Grandfather and Kate

I am working on PowerPoint slides today so I’ve got my music on the long playlist to try and keep me focused. The Faces – Ooh La La popped up on the rotation and it always makes me think of my Grandfather.

Given how crazy my life has been with the divorce and all the resulting stresses I’ve been thinking about how it would be amazing to pick up the phone and just talk to him. When this song came on it really hit me that he’s gone. Luckily I have the benefit of those 10 years living with him so I can hear his voice very clearly and I know what he’d say… well, you could never REALLY know what he would say. 😉

I’ll save the Grandfather stories for future posts… need to get back to PowerPoint.


And for the heck of it, here’s a pic of Grandfather and Kate from one of our golf outings. 🙂